Tournament Club

The 2016 Men’s Tournament Club at Sycamore Springs will begin the season on Thursday April 21st. A completed T-club entry form must be submitted with the $70 entry fee to the SSGC clubhouse. If youhave not paid Sycamore Springs $10 for your handicap, an additional $10 is required to maintain your handicap.  Please join by Tuesday, April 19th if you want to play in the first event.
The Hole-in-one club this year will be administered by the tournament club. Membership is not mandatory, but is recommended. Contact someone at the clubhouse if you want to become a member ($5 entry fee). If there is no-holes-in-
one during the current year, money and membership carries over to the next season. In order to receive a payout you must have two witnesses and be playing with at least one T-club member, current member of Sycamore Springs or a shareholder of Sycamore Springs. Hole-in-one payouts will be divided evenly among winners at the end of the season (the season starts when the course opens for play and Par 3 tee markers are on the tee boxes and ends after the last round of T-Club has completed, September 25th).
As tournament club members, we should set a good example to all players. Please play ready golf, fix all ball marks, replace divots, and use sand to repair divots on tees when available, rake traps and follow golf car rules.
A.      A regular member shall be a male who is at least 18 years of age and holds a current annual greens fee membership at Sycamore Springs Golf Course.
B.      An associate member shall be a male who is at least 18 years of age and pays daily greens fees at Sycamore
Springs Golf Course.
C.       An affiliated member shall be a male who holds a current annual greens fee at Sycamore Springs Golf Course and shall be eligible to participate in the Club Championship, Classic and Mini-Classics.
D.      Tournament Club Tee options.
a.   Members under the age of 60 years old will play from the WHITE TEES.
b.   Members between the age of 60-69 years and have a handicap 19 or higher may choose to play from the GOLD TEES.
c.   Members 70 years and older may play from the GOLD TEES with any handicap.
d.   Members eligible to play from the GOLD TEES must declare at the beginning of the season.
Once declared, their tee choice cannot be changed. It is expected they will play all rounds (T- Club and non-T-Club) from the Gold tees.
e.   Members are eligible if they reach the appropriate age during the calendar year.
f.    New members who fall in the 60-69 age bracket must play (5) 18-hole scores from the white tees,
to determine if they will meet the Gold Tee parameters.
Your handicap for all Tournament Club events will be 100% of your USGA handicap.
In order to maintain a true USGA handicap all non-practice rounds of at least 9 holes should be recorded. Include: Any league rounds even if you have the option to roll the ball, rounds in which you are playing with at least one other golfer,
and always supply the rating/slope from other courses played. Scores from other courses will be allowed for handicap
purposes if rounds are played in a “competitive spirit” and the score can be verified by another T-Club member.
Handicaps are very important to make competition fair for all so please record all appropriate scores.
Exclude: Any practice rounds where you are hitting additional practice shots before finishing a hole or any round where
you are not making a good faith effort to play up to your abilities.
A new member will be required to post five (5) 18-hole scores to establish a handicap. A “reasonable” handicap will be assigned for new members for early team events.
All 18 HOLE Tournament Event scores must be entered in the Handicap System as Tournament scores. All other
Sycamore scores or scores from other courses should be entered normally.
USGA rules will apply with the exception of any announced changes made by the Tournament Club Committee. In an individual tournament, an accompanying Tournament Club player must attest to your score. In a partnership team event, members must play together.
A sign-up sheet will be posted in the clubhouse for all events.
Thursday events, all participants must sign up by 6:00 PM on the prior Tuesday. Participants who sign up after the
deadline will be listed as an “alternate,” and will be included in the event as openings occur.
Tee times will be assigned with the first tee time at 3:30 PM.  Starting time will vary passed on participation numbers.


*** Specific tee times (such as before 4:15, after 4:45) should only be requested when necessary. *** Please indicate on the attached signup form if you have time constraints every Thursday.  Due to the limited number of tee times with Thursday events, a limit on the number of golfers may be required. With this possible limitation, sign up early for Thursday events.
Weekend event sign-ups must be completed by 6:00 PM on the prior Thursday.  All weekend events are shot-gun starts unless otherwise specified on the event sign-up sheet.  Starting times will be either at 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM, please try to arrive at least one half hour early. Each player will be assigned a starting hole and must begin from that hole unless changed by a T-club officer.  In case of inclement weather, course management will determine if the course is playable and Tournament Club officers will decide on the fate of that day’s event.
*** If the course declares cart paths only, we will automatically play lift, clean, and place anywhere on the course except in hazards.***
*NOTE: Classic Dates below are subject to change*
In order to qualify for the Classic Tournament, members must have at least ten (10) 18-hole rounds posted by Friday, July 31, 2016. Additional information for the classic will be forthcoming.
A committee will be formed to discuss the format as well as any new ideas. All entry fee money for the Classic needs to be paid by noon, Friday, August 19, 2016. The team drawing will be held at 1:00 P.M. on Sunday, August 21, 2016.
Eligibility for the Classic: Must have an established USGA handicap through Sycamore Springs and
be a tournament Club member, an annual greens fee holder, or a Sycamore Springs stock holder.
SUGGESTIONS for READY PLAY (other suggestions are welcomed)
1.   Always watch each other’s tee shots to help prevent lost balls, the number one cause of slow play. Whenever possible without slowing play, help watch their subsequent shots also.
2.   Always hit a provisional ball if there is a reasonable chance your ball went out of bounds, or if there is a high probability your ball is lost and not inside a water hazard.
3.             Always park the golf cart or place your golf bag on the side of the green towards the next tee box if possible to avoid wasting time walking back across or in front of the green.
4.    Always complete as much of your pre-putt routine as possible while others are putting.
5.             If you ride in a cart avoid unnecessary walking. Follow all course rules, but whenever possible drive directly to your ball, if sharing a cart drop a rider off at their ball and proceed to your ball or if your balls are close enough park the cart in between the balls.
6.    Never slow play by keeping score on the green, move to the next tee and mark previous hole scores.
7.    Avoid excessively long pre-shot routines, even Sergio learned that lesson.
8.             Avoid waiting to hit your shot just because one of you teammates may be further from the green, the first player to their ball should hit their shot. Be careful not to hurt anyone.
9.             Avoid loud noises/talking while players have finished their shot, there is plenty of time between holes and shots to enjoy a little conversation without doing it in a players back swing.
10.  Most important of all, don’t feel bad if you help others during the round. Everyone needs occasional help and
the assistance will keep play at a steady pace. Our goal should be for every player to finish the 9-hole rounds in two hours and 18-hole rounds in four hours.





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